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Waking the Dead - a procedural crime drama about a fictional Cold Case unit comprising of CID police officers, a psychological profiler and a forensic scientist was huge fun and a great challenge to be involved with.

The pilot episode aired in September 2000, and there were a total of nine series.

The creative producers for the BBC created a mix of atmospheric scenes throughout each series that called for a multitude of signs and paraphernalia. This involved producing fake shop fronts, printed framed portraits, fake car number plates, engraved desk plates and old pens through to antiquated printed wallpapers and panels.

This series of programmes was almost a display from a “one stop shop” of what we could produce via print, CNC routing, cut vinyl’s and fabrication.



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We have held association with the film & TV industry for many years – working closely with production & creative teams to supply a massive and reactive range of sets, back drops and displays.………Read More

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Digital Print is simply, the process of printing using a digital image to a wide range of media e.g.: Paper/PVC/Vinyl/Canvas/Wallpaper etc
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To make bespoke means made to a particular specification and we use this term to describe our manufactured and fabricated range of signs which includes CNC and laser cut letters and profiles......Read More

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